Shree Satyavadi Secondary school , Bajhang

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Established in 1963 BS, Shree Satyavadi Secondary School is located at Bhopur, Bajhang. The school has been running since a long time and has been consistently producing some great results throughout all these years. The school has to offer courses according to the latest plus two program provided by National Examination Board (NEB). We offer 10+2 management as well as science courses with well-equipped labs and classrooms. The teaching staff consists of the best and experienced teachers of the district who make sure the students don’t go empty-handed without the knowledge they seek.

The school is open to the students from all background. Each child is unique and we shall treat them that way. We provide all services and facilities at a very affordable cost. The standard of the education and resources that we provide is well maintained and highly manageable. Despite of the difficult conditions in the district, the school has still managed to hold our discipline and regulations in place for providing quality education to the unprivileged students. This is an oath the school has taken from the beginning and shall continue to uphold it.

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